Your family corner in VR

When you can’t physically be in the same room, or even on the same continent, join family members and friends of all ages in Alcove’s virtual living room to create new memories.

A virtual reality platform focused on family connection

Alcove is the first family-oriented virtual reality app. A virtual home filled with endless experiences to discover and explore, it’s a place to connect with loved ones, packed with casual games, world travel, media customization, relaxation, and adventure.

About Alcove

Alcove is built as a platform for content with a mission to bring intergenerational families and the VR ecosystem together. It was built to be scalable and includes experiences created and curated by AARP Innovation Labs. Alcove currently includes content from creators around the world including AARP, Blend Media, the Dolphin Swim Club, EcoVR, Georgieff Studio, Head Start Design JumbliVR, Rendever, Paracosma, Parkline Interactive, Patched Reality, Sygic Travel, VArtisans, Virtuleap, and VR Health.

A virtual home filled with endless experiences to discover and explore

Connect with loved ones

Hang out with friends and family and catch up on the couch in your own virtual home

Travel the world

Take a cross-country road trip, ride in a hot air balloon, and explore the depths of the ocean

Play casual games

Grab a friend to play checkers or keep your mind engaged with AARP Staying Sharp games

Customize your virtual home

Decorate your walls with your own photos, upload and watch your own videos, or change the scenery

Relax and unwind

Listen to classical music, practice guided meditation, or watch a variety of compelling shows

Get moving

Follow guided workout yoga and strength videos or practice breathing exercises

Follow or lead other users

Guide friends or family who aren’t yet comfortable using VR around the house and into experiences

Join experiences together

Join friends and family in a hot air balloon over the Swiss Alps or listen to the same concert together

Play with your own pet rabbit

Dress up your pet bunny with hats, play fetch, or chase it around the house

Why are we focusing on family and social connection?

Social isolation is an increasing health concern. 

Studies have found that isolation and loneliness are worse for health than obesity or smoking, especially if you’re over 50. The health risks of prolonged isolation are equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Alcove was built with this in mind. We are driven to knock down the barriers created by social isolation or physical limitations, and open new doors to those affected … and we’re doing it with fun and engaging VR. 

Alcove bridges the physical distance between family members and empowers people to experience new places and things they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do because of cost, time or mobility constraints.

Join the adventure!

Alcove is available on Oculus Go, Quest 1 and Meta Quest 2. 

More exciting content, immersive experiences, and new features are on the way.

What people are saying about Alcove

“Finally somewhere to go in VR that’s perfect.”

The Perfect Home
“Absolutely stunning realistic graphics…like a picture. Very good video app launch area. Home pics will be awesome when updated (it’s in beta). It’s just an amazing place to hang out. I can’t wait to be there with friends. Backgrounds outside are incredible as well. 10 out of 10, developers.”

Blown away!
“Really love this app. Sitting on the patio watching butterflies in the meadow listening to music has done more to relax me than any other relaxation app I’ve tried. Unreal!”

Finally, a VR experience done right!
“Combines comfort, customisation & utility for an engaging experience that manages to be both familiar and innovative. Before this I was reluctant to even demo VR to elder friends but with the direction Alcove is going I’m now considering getting my 82 year old MD-suffering Mother her own headset 🙂 Well done Alcove VR / AARP Innovation Labs, looking forward to future developments!”

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